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smufdonker(ing) ; donkin the smuf ; smufin the donk ; and variations thereof..

is almost like code for people to talk without others around knowing whats goin on or what you are talking about.

can mean everything from banging your girlfriend to kicking her in the clam.

examples below will help clarify better.
"yo you see that fine ass girl att the bar? i bet she could donk the hell out of a smuf!"

"my boss made me so mad today i wanted to punch him right in the muthafuckin smufdonker!"

"i got sooo wasted at the club last night and that girl still donked my smuf"

"everytime i file my taxes i feel like i have had my smufdonked by the goddamn IRS!"

"if a smufdonker fell in the woods would anyone give a shit?"

feel free to add your smufdonker experience..check for more on the smufdonker revolution!
by smufdonker April 26, 2011
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