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Shit my pants funny. The former may result if you feel as if you are about to experience a bowel movement as a result of laughing too hard. Actual shitting yourself is not recommended; get to a bathroom ASAP! pmpf
Dude 1: hey this chick i know was havin a marshmallow roast in her backyard right... she had her mellows on stix n was set to go wen some firetrucks came w/ their sirens blastin n shit.. so her n her frenz went see what was up. friggin the house across the street was all up in flames n shit. the couple who owned it was standin outside the house all upset n then there was the chick with her mellows on a stick set n ready to go. lady gave her the dirtiest look EVER!
Dude 2: holy shit! fuckin smpf! aww dude brb...
by Kewkew ka chew October 24, 2006
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