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computer freak interested in hardware, software and World of Warcraft only. Has no time for anything else.
He wakes up at 7 am, sits in front of his stupid laptop and turns on 3 more computers he has! Such a smor!!!!!!!!
by angiehatesuniversity January 29, 2008
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Smør is a Norwegians Word for butter.
When a thing or a person is smør, it is good/great.
Omg she is such a smør friend.
That kebab was smør af.
by Fortvilakreps March 15, 2019
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Smør is a word used in Norway when something is smooth, good or tasty
It originated from «kebabnorsk» wich is a new type of slang that Norwegian teens use
Look over there, that car is so smør
by ARandomNorwegian March 18, 2019
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