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A term when addressing a cool pal or funky friend, usually as a compliment after witnessing them doing something cool or simply a statement of their cool persona.
Sure you're telling them they're cool, but my god thats one cool thing to say...
Similar to: "you big bitch" "gorgeous young player man" and "mighty cool fella"
Jake: "How's it going, smooth goose?"
Joe: "Wow, I feel cool now"

Joe: "Did you hear what Jake called me?"
Joanna "No but he sure is one smooth goose"

Lance: "Fuck me this DJ is shit"
Tim: "Shame really, the guy last week was a real smooth goose"

Jerry: "Holy cow, feel this goose"
Jannet: "It's very smooth"
Adrian: "That's a smooth goose if ever I've seen one"
by nobby_b December 10, 2015
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