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the act of performing a large smoky burnout in a hotrod or any fast vehicle in order to draw attention to one's self and or car showing off the vehicles power and ability
excessive wheelspin to break traction causing smoke from the tires or drive wheels of a vehicle either intentionally or not

large obnoxious smoke cloud from spinning tire on road

smoky is the result dig is the tire digging up the road surface
the combination of the two words resulting in smokydig
when tires were still bias-ply the term was jus (doin a digg) this turned into smokydig when the tires changed from bias-ply to the now commonly radial tires and different compound resulting in longer better diggs because the tire stays together better under this method resulting in more smoke
I was so pissed off when i left work i peeled out of the parking lot in a loud smoke filled manner just so they understood how pissed off i am. A punk in his mustang pulled up revving his engine at me and when the light turned green i stomped the accelerator causing it to perform a smokydig
spinning tires enough to cause large plumes of smoke
by smokydig December 07, 2010
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