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The misguided and incorrect notion that smokers have, or should have, rights related to their smoking. Chavs and other forms of white trash believe in smoker's rights just like children believe in the tooth fairy. Many people who feel entitled to smoker's rights also feel they are entitled to welfare and Medicaid.
The big fat chav slob got upset when told to put out her cigarette in the restaurant and started yelling "smoker's rights" until everyone laughed at her as she was thrown out of the place. She felt that she had a right to make others smell her gross odor, instead of others having a right to clean air while they enjoyed their dinner. She, of course, was also one of those idiots who thinks that it's unconstitutional to require someone to get a driver license to drive on publicly built and owned roads, to pay income taxes (even though the 16th Amendment explicitly authorizes them). She's probably also so stupid that she doesn't realize she'll get cancer soon, and look wrinkled and ugly before she's 30 years old.
by PMax April 22, 2008
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