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A smokechinno is an invention mumma Maria made when she didn’t have time to have a smoke and a coffee one after each other. It is pretty much a bong but used to drink coffee from, it’s a cup of coffee with a sealed lid with a straw going from the top of the lid to the bottom with a cigarette in the end and another straw coming from the inside out threw the side. The first straw is where the cigarette goes, the second straw is when you drink from.

How it works, when the coffee is poured into the cup the lid it put on, you light the cigarette place it in the top straw when you suck on the second straw it creates a suction and draws the smoke down the straw bubbling threw the rich Italian coffee giving you the best of both worlds so said mumma maria, she believes its to be fantastico. At the end of it you have a smoky flavoured coffee.
Mumma maria pulled down 4 huge smokechinnos with martyn before having a slice of pizza.
by martyn lynch December 21, 2005
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