(Location) designated area, usually military, where smoking is allowed. Almost always outside, sometimes in a shack. Used to be known as a Smoking Lamp
Let's go to the smoke pit!
by oorah-cheeto May 30, 2013
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A little area around the school premises where kids come to smoke cigarettes.
"I need a smoke, let's go to the smoke pit and bum one off someone".
"Aite, we're cool"
by unownedreal August 23, 2005
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Word around the smoke pit /wrd a-rownd tha smowk pit/ p.
1. A phrase commonly used amoung Marines (USMC) indicating the gossip or rumors of people and or events that happen to be taking place before/during/subsequent to that region of time.
1. MARINE 1: "Devildog, word around the smoke pit says you got caught bangin' a sheep or somthin'. Is that true?"

MARINE 2: "No man! It was a goat. and his name is 'Charlie', ok!"

2. MARINE 1: "Hey, anyone seen Chattom?"

MARINE 2: "Nope. Sorry Devildog. Word around the smoke pit says he got discharged for banging a Navy officer."
by Chattom, E July 19, 2006
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pungent body odor emanating from one's armpits.
When I disembarked from the plane into Bombay for the first time, I was immediately suffocating from the pit smoke bombarding me from all angles.
by james040280 October 24, 2009
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