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a lazy human being that constantly picks his nose and discusses useless race issues that are irrelevant to actual work.Has no idea of the actual meaning of the four letter word, "work".Also constantly endorses OBAMA but is not registered to vote.
That guy just pulled a smitthy he hasn't done anything all day but talk about irrelevant race issues that don't pertain to work. Doesn't he notice that no one is listening to him, ughhh!! iT'S SO ANNOYING.

So we were at work the other day and we were real busy, and this guy sits down and starts talking about politics he just heard on t.v. the worst part about it was that he tried to pass the information off like it was his own, like he does research, what a SMITTHY!!
Source: daniel birnsthil, san diego
by daniel birnsthil April 13, 2008
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