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The better high school in smithtown school district. Located in Saint James, it is in a much nicer area than smithtown west that is almost in commack (the ghetto). the student body consists of many kids who think they are "fly", "piff" and gangster. many kids smoke "mad" weed "brah". The rest of the students are the average kid from nesconset, saint james or smithtown or rich, preppy kids from Nissequogue and Head of the Harbor. The sports are decent, just as good as west although west thinks they are superior in every way which they are not. The east side of town consists of the beaches and marina. East isn't known as the pharmacy. I've never heard that once.
*at long beach*

West kid: bros we own this beach
other West kid: yea hahah fuck those east kids
*east kid pulls up in his brand new boston whaler*
East kid: get the fuck off my beach pussies. This is my home turf bitches!
*west kids cry and go back to the ghetto*
by jobob560 December 03, 2013
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