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A community where hot single moms live and raise their children with each woman contributing to the day to day needs of the commune based upon her skills, talents or profession. Helping each other in all aspects of life thus making deadbeat ex-husbands obsolete and not even worthy of being called baby daddies.
Maggie, dreaming out loud said to Scarlett, "Oh Scarlett, let's build Smilf Estates, our smilf commune. It will be Nirvana, I just know it. The Fabulous Femmes will all live and play together. Our children will have so much fun. I will be in charge of domestic affairs, cuisine and children's events. You will be in charge of wealth management, our wine cellar, fashion and finances. Pammie will manage our liquor cabinet, organize cocktail parties and dining out. Lisa will be in charge of academics and etiquette for the children. We can coordinate our dates, playmates and prowling. We shall never need or want for anything ever again."
by GiddyUpGirlFL February 01, 2009
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