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when you can tell what a person ate by how their flatulence smells, they have sent you a smellogram.
He sent me a smellogram that he had beans for lunch - I think they were prepared with onions and garlic
by rustyacline May 13, 2009
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The act of farting in one's hand and immediately releasing said fart in another person's face, while loudly exclaiming SMELL O'GRAM !
Smell O'gram !!

Dude you better go wash your hands that smell o'gram may stain !
by Jaliz12345 June 05, 2009
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Abducting your baby sister's beloved cat and while detaining it against its will, place it close to you anus and tear the biggest, sloppiest, most unapologetic fart you can muster. Then take the humiliated feline to your unsuspecting sisters room, where you release her now traumatized, rancid, furry friend back into the room closing the door behind you. Upon hearing an exclamation of disgust, kick open the door and declare "Smell O'Gram!!!"
My brother gave me such a nasty "Smell O'Gram" that i threw up all over the cat.
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