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A smearacle is something that seems to be or is turning out as a miracle, but suddenly goes even worse then before and becomes a smearacle, and smears away all hope. The derivation is miracle, and smear, because it is a miracle smeared away. It may be the worst occurrence in one's life.
Examples of smearacles:

Wow, did you see the absolute smearacle with Joe! He was getting beaten up, but the guy who was beating him up got struck by lightning. But then the bully fell on him and electrocuted both. What a smearacle!

Joe: OMG! Bob died.

Jack: How? Why?

Joe: Well he was in Africa, and an elephant picked him up with it's trunk and saved him from a pack of lions below! But sadly the elephants trunk crushed Bob.

Jack: That is such a smearacle, it's sad.
by ansertank August 22, 2014
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