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noun, plural smartassocities.

1. the quality or state of being a smartass

2. a smartass act, thing, or circumstance

3. the state of being any Asian woman named Tammy, Tammi; Tammee (or other variation of this name), early in the morning while most of humanity in the region are still half asleep

4. a word encapsulating the epitome of brevity

5. not believed to exist by the same women whom energetically embody the very essence of the word, whilst what are insanely early hours of the morning

Word Origin and History of smartassocity

n. 1530s, from Middle French smartásse or directly from the Latin smartassitatem (nominative smartassitas)

perhaps fr Petro Sterling, a 21st century oracle of utopian enchantment
Your smartassocity has been reminding me of someone.
by Oxford Angstologic April 11, 2015
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