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A Smarani is a loving and creative person. She usually commits to what and who she loves and has a lot of friends. Her name is a hindu word from India, which means “protector or love”. Smarani is loves her friends and always tries her best to protect them. Smaranis are awesome, u just get your self one😂😉
by @musiclife January 18, 2018
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Short as fuck, love to sing but is terrible. very sensitive, gullible, nice, but annoying. Smart, has good grades, but also stupid and believes everything. Terrible at comebacks!
guy 1: who’s sister is that in this here middle school? she looks nine, is she is a sixth grader?
guy 2: nope, that’s smarani she’s older than us she’s in 8th grade
by barackseemor July 24, 2019
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