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A type of person that Peter Griffin refused to allow to dine in the family restaurant in the episode "No Meals On Wheels," characterized as a goofy man with little hair speaking in a ridiculous voice - which gives the viewer no real idea of what a "smallwig" may actually be - and for some reason, is not defined anywhere on the Internet (save for the 2 million search results returning offers for tiny wigs for people with tiny heads) which just proves once again that Family Guy is a stupid ass cartoon sitcom that makes no fucking sense and should have never been brought back on the air after it was cancelled the first time.
Peter Griffin: ...all the movers and shakers and big wigs are going to eat here. But NOT the smallwigs.

"Small Wig": Hey, I'm hungry! I got a credit card!

Audience: What?

Seth McFarland: *counts his stack of $5,000 bills*

SheKnows: *pissed off that she wasted 20 minutes creating this entry when she could have been getting some work done*
by SheKnows March 08, 2009
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