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An individual, likely to be inbred, with all of his/her facial features in a very small area (about a 3" x 3" area) and completely lacking a supraorbital ridge. Smallfaces are most often found at NASCAR events. The most famous examples include the pitcher Randy Johnson and the banjo-playing kid from the movie Deliverance.
Jim: Hey,Mary Lou, what do you think about my friend Bob? I think he kinda likes you.
Mary Lou: That sumbitch is a smallface. I mean, check out that face. His eyes, nose, and mouth are all within an inch of each other!
by seanstreck September 14, 2008
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Indicates that a girl is easy and likes wierd shit in bed. Girls with especially small faces love to put big hairy balls in their face. The smaller the face, the bigger and hairier they want the balls to be.
Of course dude, just look at her small face.
by Dr.Caveman July 13, 2010
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when someone's face gets all scrunched up when talking about something they are overly passionate about.
stop making small faces over that retarded anime you guys are watching.
by sinisnak July 03, 2010
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