one of the most versatile stage mics EVER capable of micing guitar cabs, vocals, snares, and basically anything you throw at it. its extremely durable and rugged and can withstand the beatings of the road. its basically hella badass for a 100 dollar dynamic mic. yet for a 100 dollar mic, every recording studio regardless of genre will have 6 of these laying around. they're that good.
Indie rock guy, "hey josh, the strap button for my guitar came off.. i needa hammer, dude"

roadie, "i don't have a hammer, here use this sm57"

indie rock guy, "ah man, even better. we are DIY INDIE TO DA MAX"
by darksbane June 29, 2008
Literally the single most useful microphone ever produced. You can throw this mic in front of anything and it will work for years. If it had not been manufactured, every live sound engineer's life would be living hell
Nicknamed the AFI ANY FUCKING INPUT because it is exactly.

Commonly worshiped by tour crews as God
Studio Engineer: Yeah I use a U67 for Vocals and guitar, but I tend to use different microphones for different instruments. Hey what's that in your case?
Tour Engineer: oh that case is full of literal God
Studio: What?
Tour: Shure SM57s are literally fucking God
by HyperData January 14, 2023