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A small community where most of the young women are easy, sleazy and trouble. They were born to have lots of sex and have babies with often more than one partner, and starting at a young age. Slutfarms usually have a higher teenage pregnancy rate, and sometimes a higher STD rate.

Not all small communities are slutfarms. This usually happens in small communities that are boring with nothing to do but screw. Some small towns, on the other hand, have other stuff to occupy their youth, so they don't just drink and screw starting at the age of 13.
-"Hey there's a party out in slutfarm tonight.
-"Which one?"
-"I hate Garson parties...but at least I always get laid..."
-"Well worth the 20 minute drive my friend"
-"Let's stop for some domes first on the way there"
-SLUTFARM here we come!
by ASFWER December 04, 2007
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An establishment or area containing numerous/multiple attractive and/or promiscuous females.
Eg. at the club

"Damn, look at this joint, its a slut-farm up in here"
by Benz April 15, 2003
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A "slut farm" is an alcohol-serving establishment frequented often by easy women and girls with low standards.
Guy 1: Dude, what are you up to tonight?
Guy 2: I'm headin' out to Crazy Horse.
Guy 1: Don't go there dude, it's a total slut farm.
Guy 2: Yeah, you're right, my boy Mike took one for the team last time.
by Captain Toolshed March 12, 2011
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