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Slurgin (n.) - Virgin who acts like a slut, a slutty virgin.
"Amy looks like a total slut but everyone knows she ain't giving up the box; she is a total slurgin."

Slurgins often appear among young teenage girls populous, typically between the ages of 13 and 15. Girls may lose their slurginity only after having intercourse, thus making the full transition to slut.

(Phrase coined by David Weirich of Manassas, VA on 4/28/2009)

by nerdy and white April 28, 2009
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Slut that acts like a virgin or more commonly
a virgin that acts like a slut.
Example 1
'Man, the way she acts, I bet she has fucked every boy in town'
'Nah mate, she's a total Slurgin'
Example 2
'Have you heard Neka is a total slut now'
'No way, she acts like such a virgin'
'Yeah, she's a slurgin'
by SnowBall_RozzaT January 25, 2013
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