1. A measure of determining sexual scoring prowess calculated by dividing total bases(1B=kissing, 2B=touching, 3B=oral, 4B=Sex) by the number of dated partners.

2. In baseball, a statistic to gauge power by dividing total bases by at bats.
After five dates and only one boob touch, John finished the 2010 dating season with a paltry .200 slugging percentage. However, he slugged a whopping .886 in for his company softball team.
by kris takahashi April 15, 2010
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A calculation to estimate the power of a beer drinker. Determined by the following formula:

(Strength of beer in ABV / 5) * number of 12 ounce beers consumed

This gives a accurate calculation of the true beer consumption power of a drinker expressed in number of standard strength (5% ABV) beers.

Similar to the slugging percentage calculation in baseball, where a players total bases are divided by his at bats to estimate the power of a hitter.
Tony: Ouch my head.

Ron: Looked like a slow night for you last night. I only saw you drink 7 beers

Tony: Naw, man I was wasted drinking some hellacious barley wine. My Beer Slugging Percentage was like 14.28.
by mr dunderbak May 11, 2013
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