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A woman's oversize buttocks.
Maria's pants are way too tight for her slugbutt.

That woman has such a big slugbutt I could rest my drink on it!
by Stefen S. July 16, 2006
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refers to a situation during which as slug co-exists in a symbiotic relationship with slug-like host inhabits said host's butt in a mysterious circumstance
he is got to be slugbutt
by Ln(x) March 03, 2010
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SluggButt is an insult, usually in a joking manner to call someone slow at doing something or just jokingly for no reason.
Yo boi is such a Slug Butt. He takes too long reacting to that joke.

Stop being such a Sluggish Butt homie. That trend is so like 1990. It's like totally groady to the max.
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by RuthlessCarpet October 11, 2017
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