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A derogotory term for a female. Word origin comes from the combination of two words: slut and bitch. Generally referring to chicks dressed up in club outfits and too much makeup. The ones that are extremely hot but have the "I'm too good to be here" look on their face. The ones that dress really slutty to attract guys, but have huge attitudes when guys try to talk to them. Very hot chicks with mean looks on their faces when everyone around them is smiling having a good time. A good term to use instead of bitch when other females are around. Originated in Chino, CA to describe all the mean Mexican girls.
My buddy said hi to that hot chick and she rolled her eyes and blew him off, she was a total slubi. Look at the group of slubis at the bar waiting for someone to buy them drinks. That slubi in the short skirt walked in like she owned the place. The hard rock hotel casino center bar is always crawling with slubis. Las Vegas has a high percentage of slubis. She was a good fuck but I would never date her, shes a slubi. The chinoboys rolled up to the party but left when they saw it was nothing but slubis there.
by Brian Davis June 13, 2006
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