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An internet community focusing on the sport of triathlon.

A majority of the posters are fantastic athletes with world class times/splits while training, but become merely MOP fodder in races due to others' drafting or their not being placed in the first wave.

However, posters typically possess a wide array of knowledge and experience and are generally helpful.

There is an obsession with carbon wheels, disc covers, and high-priced bikes such as the Speed Concept and Cervelo P4. However, people are usually argumentative of whether others deserve to ride such nice bikes. Spacers underneath the stem are also unacceptable.

Most posters are willing to share their cinematography via youtube links for criticism on their bike position. Usually consists of awkwardly composed profile shots of them riding on their trainer.

The topic of aero helmets can elicit a lengthy, multi-page debate regarding whether one is fast enough to wear one.

Nobody trusts wind tunnel data, but everybody still wants to see it.

If you post times that are considered FOP, then you are bragging.

People will fight to the death about the benefits, or lack thereof, from crossfit or strength training.

If forced to, most ST'ers would give up their first-born child rather than give up their power meter.

It's okay if you suck, as long as you get the fastest bike split.
OP: Hey Slowtwitch, what's your FTP? Mine's 300 watts.
ST: 12 inches.

OP: How can I improve my running? I run 2x a week.
ST #1: Run more. You'll get faster.
ST #2: Do you have any data to support that claim?

OP: How's my fit look?
ST #1: The frame on your wall is crooked.
ST #2: Seat's too high.
by awpo August 18, 2011
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