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(1) A favourable term meaning a particularly agreeable but extremely bizarre night's drinking.
(2) Often used to also confirm the credibility of something.

Origins are believed date back some twenty years and derived from the word 'Slovakia' and 'Hard' and have been brought together to describe the solution to an otherwise uninteresting and arduous life in the former eastern block of Czechoslovakia.

In 1984 Czechoslovakia's per capita consumption of hard liquor (over 20% proof) was 1.6 times that of non-alcoholic drinks. As of 1987, drinking during the workday and drunkenness on the job reportedly were common and even tolerated. Upon clocking off for the day, Slovak men and women would often return home for a krunk party.

Due to a mix of paint-removing strength alcohol, an evening of careless abandon and debauchery was almost guaranteed.

Although they may be coming out of these dark times the Slovaks still know how to throw one hell of a 'Slovard'.
(1) "How was last night at bingo Ethel?..."

"Yes it was reminded me of a Barrymore house party with Rod Hull on the roof trying to sort out the tv aerial... kiss my face"

(2) "Have you heard the new Razorlight album Claude?"

"Yes, it's slovard"
by Donjonty November 17, 2007
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