When a juice head burns his ball sack on a tanning bed after a sweaty workout and then proceeds to face fuck a bar slut causing his bright red testicles to repeatedly slap her in the chin much like the woddle of a turkey. (Can you say gobble gobble)
After a strenuous work out Dominic went to the nearest college town bar looking for a skanky bitch to give him a sloppy turkey.
by art-officials April 10, 2015
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A sexual act of cumming in your hand and slapping your partner's ass.

A cum handprint.
I celebrate Thanksgiving by Snapchatting an old video of my first Sloppy Turkey.
by Chernabog Yoha March 10, 2019
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ayo my ex gave me the sloppy turkey during thanksgiving yesterday
by Iyahxsisive November 8, 2020
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