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A sloppy toppy 5000 is the act of pulling off a play in Fortnite when you are at a significant disadvantage, for example a 1 v 4 or a 1v1 when you are on 30 health and the other guy just took a chug jug. If done successfully, a sloppy toppy 5000 must be followed by a forntie dance of some sort such as take the L or jubilation.
*you get revived*
*your whole team dies*
*it's a 1v4 and you're on 30 hp with a grey tac with 3 shells*
"Hold up lads, ya boi is about to pull off the sloppy toppy 500"
*pulls of sloppy toppy 5000"
proceeds to dance on the noobs
by SwedishBobMuffin April 17, 2018
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When you're playing fortnite and you get an RPG or remote RPG and build ontop of someones base even though at the start of the gunfight you were severely disadvantaged (E.G a player down, low health, bad guns or low ground) and then you manage to kill the whole team with one shot of an RPG
Rashid- Bro did you win that gunfight?
Billy- Yeah i hit them with that sloppy toppy 5000
by Haloxx May 26, 2018
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