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A spoiled middle class white 25-65 year old who has adopted the surface ideals of whatever philosophy or religion or poiltcal flavour of the week is cool and hep. They know little of these ideals below the surfae of them. They will talk fondly of Woody Guthrie or Micheal Frente ideals and yet pay their employees minimum wage or with a basket of food. They dress self-conciously in hemp and dirty but " oh so cool" clothes that they buy in Nelson. They burn their garbage and their fieldsor yards between long rants about the environment, they treat others without respect or trust or love but they smoke so much pot that they truly believe they are enlightened and beautiful and aware people.
They claim to be poor but are often not seen in the colder months of the year because they are in Hawaii or Thailand or Bali.
Hailing from, or at least having a few kids and moving on,these are a Nothern Cousin to the American trustifarian living in the Slocan Valley in B.C.

Q- “Did you see that Slocantrustifarian have a temper tantrum when she couldn't get into the " treat your neighbors nicely seminar? "
A- "No I couldn't, the smoke from her burning green wood and the smell of her burning garbage and the sound of her drunk boyfriend of the week's chainsaw prevented me from seeing that"
-" yeah I hear she's pregnant again "
by eriscsnotreallymyname April 11, 2007
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