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A slob hunter is someone who callously kills wildlife for entertainment and ego-gratification, and revels in killing as many animals as the law allows (or more). These people tend to vote GOP and lack respect for nature in many other realms. To make themselves appear less than evil, they use cover stories about "population control," "game management," "conservation" and "harvesting."

A good example of early slob hunters were the Sharps riflemen who gunned down millions of bison in the 1870s to starve out the Indians. The general practice continues today on that same landscape during prairie dog shoots, where high-powered rifles on bench rests spit ammo for hours and small rodents explode to the sound of high-fives. There are few Indians in sight, but plenty of beer and tailgates. Their cover story is that prairie dogs are pests, even though their population has dwindled by 95%. Everything but Man is subject to that label.

A recent slob hunting development has been the posting of YouTube "kill-shot" videos wherein crass people brag about the mayhem they inflict on animals, often looping it in slow motion. The focus is generally on calibers and ballistics, with the animals being mere targets. Many of the videos have metal soundtracks like video games. You can spot a slob hunting video by the common cry of "nice shot!" after the animal drops on camera. Death by arrow takes a bit longer but the cameras have that covered, too.
Uncle Ted is America's most famous slob hunter.
by Antithropocentric April 08, 2013
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