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Slimber (Slim·ber)
(of a person or their build) slim and limber; gracefully flexible and thin (used approvingly).
1. The average gymnast needs to be incredibly slimber.
2. Ryu and Bison were extremely powerful characters, but I always preferred to play as the slimber Chun-Li or Vega.
3. The athlete attributed his gold medal win in high-jump to his slimber figure.
by Morgar November 02, 2010
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(from the combination of the words slumber and slimmer) To fall asleep on one's own enormous ass or belly and dream vividly about being thin, only to awaken suddenly to the nightmarish reality of one's own putrescent obesity
Goddamn, Skinny Pete, I ate two whole fried chickens last night and went into a deep slimber, and then I wake up to your naked skeleton ass walking around the dorm room ... you gotta start wearin' clothes or I'm gonna have to change to another dorm room!

lightmare skinny dream voguemare beverlyhills z's beach delusion emaciation psychosis lean dream
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