The act of being slick while communicating.. a smooth talker, knowing how to play out a scenario appropriately in a way that flows naturally at the best of your abilities while usually portraying a sense of humour or confidence.. a way to socially outsmart someone or convince one to do something that benefits yourself
yo b got in the club and he forgot the pass..

Yea well b all about that slick talk

Yo b got the moves he just met that girl 5 minutes ago on the dance floor and already they calling a taxi

Yea well b know what he doing he always talking slick with the ladies
by therealest94 February 17, 2018
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Your words flow likes waves which brings in the girls like fishes in water
When a girl sneezes you say "god blessed you for someone like me" ;) slick talk
by Nycalbo October 28, 2013
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from the song mood by iann dior, it means: i'm talking me and my friends wear nice suits(slick back), relaxing(kick back),
drinking(gang sippin') alcohol(forties)
Only thing I need to know is if you wet enough
I'm talking slick back, kick back, gang sippin' forties
You keep playin', not another day with you shorty
by je11y January 18, 2022
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