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A game. When male and a female, of post-pubescent age, zipper themselves in a sleeping bag with toy soldiers. A battle rages until the toy soldiers have fired their last bullet. Usually the female receives the brunt of the onslaught, especially if the male is using some biochemical spray to attack the female from the inside. A cease-fire is eventually imposed because someone claims "you got it in my eye." But then the magic happens and presto chango, a baby has been made.
Jason and Rylee were friends forever until they decided to play a little game called sleeping bag magic. Both prepared their troops for battle, and sealed themselves in the bag, vowing not to unzip until someone was victorious. Alas, no magic happened because Jason and Rylee didn't realize that you need one girl and one guy for magic to happen. Two guys will never create a fetus with toy soldiers.
by Snuffleupagus muck stick February 02, 2012
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