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A condition in which your sleep schedule is horribly messed up.

Severe sleep madness can occur if in your attempt to cure yourself of sleep madness by pulling some stunt, you make it worse.

Such "cures" include:
1) staying up too long to 'readjust' your schedule: e.g. since you woke up at 4, stay up for 28 hours and then you'll be golden.
2) exercising a lot to get tired and go to bed sooner.
3) sleeping a less in order to get tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour the next day.

The cures are almost always failures because they are difficult to do correctly, and usually backfire.

Jeff: Oh god I stayed out too late on a Wednesday and ended up going to bed at 3, but then I slept for 12 hours instead of 5 somehow and now I'm screwed.
Tom: Dude, you've got sleep madness. Nothing for it but to stay up until tomorrow evening and then go to bed.
Jeff: yeah but that won't work either, I'll just make it worse.


Jeremy: so I woke up at 4pm yesterday. I figured I'd just stay up for 28 hours or so and solve my problem.. but somehow I got really tired at like 11am and couldn't deal so I went to take a short nap (you know, to make it until a reasonable bedtime). But instead, my alarm didn't wake me up and these beer nuts and guiness I'm having are breakfast. I've got the sleep madness real bad.
Chris: yeah that's some pretty bad sleep madness.
by someguy37474 November 22, 2009
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