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The false belief that you can somehow "pay yourself forward" for an upcoming real or potential lack of sleep.
"Won't you be tired staying up all night?"

"Naw, I slept in till the crack of noon. I got sleep credit"

"Sleep credit? Man, that's not real! Sleep isn't an iTunes gift card. You can't save up extra sleep and cash it in at a later date"

"yeah huh I can"

"You're stupid, sleep for 16 hours straight and then stay up for 48 hours in a row and let me know how that sleep credit works out for you."
by bigcatdaddy June 04, 2015
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Sleeping in until at least midday in the knowledge that you have a long wild night ahead of you.
Astrid- I have to go to Frank's party saturday night and get up for work the next day. fail!

George- Just get plenty of sleep credit on saturday and you'll be fine
by unico2525 June 23, 2011
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