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ANYONE whoever treats others REALLY POORLY and acts as if ( or as though ) he/she believes that he/she wipes a monkey's YouSeeWhat with what you think about it that he/she DOES also so with it with them
That Irish banshee ( or banshie ) ought to KNOW also that when you rob things from places where the title hero in its ' ' The Last Leprechaun ' ' episode of the adventures of ' ' C and D's Rescue Rangers ' ' lives and DOES his things as she winds up having also DONE, you WILL have your acting like a " ' ' SLEAZEPAIL' ' " caught and WILL have your acting like a " ' ' SLEAZEPAIL' ' " exposed when the title heroes of the series meet up with you and plan to catch up with and defeat you SOMEDAY....
by Boonavyblue075 March 07, 2016
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