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Skylinn. A young spirited girl whose head is stuck in the clouds and whose heart is somewhere on the ground. She can have a bipolar attitude and be happy for an hour, and sad in a second. She is a complete bitch, but only when others attack. She cares deeply about her friends and her family. She may become appealing to an occasional guy every now and then, but she doesnt date due to her lack of trust. She fears abandonment and just tries not to fuck everything up when approached. She finds art, music, and friendship appealing. She wants to understand life but the occasional cloud of reject leads her to no answer. She is looked at as shy, but gather her in a group of friends and her confidence builds up, and her personality stays strong!
Nobody important: Who's that!?

Another nobody: Oh, that's Skylinn.

Anonymous: She's a bitch. But she's cool. But she's still a bitch. Yet... cool...
by An0nym0usBeliever November 22, 2016
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