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"Sky cake" is a theorized heavenly confection promised to crude people in return for their overall better behavior. The actual dessert proposed to these people can vary; if two crude people discover that they were each promised different treats in the hereafter, they may attempt to destroy one another.

A metaphor for religion from Patton Oswalt's stand-up "My Weakness is Strong".
"You believe in sky baklava? No! No, I believe in sky cake! There can only be sky cake! RRRRRRRRRR"

"We've got countries blowing each other to smithereens over sky cake."

"Oh, sky cake. Why are you so delicious?"
by Walla Walla Washington August 23, 2009
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Sky Cake. (as in, "Oh, sky cake...) Interjection. Spoken in order to quell anger against fundamental religious dogma.

Sky Cake, from the Patton Oswalt comedy routine of the same name, refers to the promise of an afterlife as part of the dogma of many religions. In the earliest days of Mankind, posits Oswalt, the promise of sky-cake by the weaker members of society to the biggest and strongest, was what made them quit "killing and raping", thereby allowing civilization to begin. The problem arising when different religions began to squabble over the particular sky-dessert.
From Oswalt:
"So the next time you see some douchebags in front of an abortion clinic, or trying to ban a Harry Potter novel, just say to yourself 'Oh, sky cake... why are you so delicious?'"
by Oliver DePlace February 10, 2012
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