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- verb:

1. ethnic colloquialism referring to an asswhuppin'(though specifically NOT to an ass whipping, asswhippin, or any variant thereof).

2. generic term designating any type of extreme pwnage.

3. To be dragged by the neck, jaw, skullpiece, or hair by another person or object
"Dood, you 'bout to get skulldrug if you don't step the fuck back from my cubicle."


Choadly: "Holy crap mang, I beat that guy like 10 zillion times in Unreal Tournament"

Kyle: "Dang dood, thats just... I mean, that guy got like..."

Choadly: "Skulldrugged, I know! Hey, let's take your mom's car an hit up the Krispy Kreme"


"The defendant's vehicle struck my client, trapping him underneath the fuselage and skulldragging him for roughly 100 meters before finally coming to a stop."
by Hamp May 09, 2008
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