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Verb: To drink a liquid in a violent, extreme, exaggerated manner with a great deal of bravado. Often done by males in attempt to impress females and intimidate other males.
1. Holy shit, did you see that?! That dude just skull dumped the fuck out of that Nestle's Quik.

2. I came here to do two things: skull dump some Sunny D and kick some ass. Looks like I'm all out of Sunny D.
by jotis May 13, 2010
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1. To defecate on one's skull in a figurative sense; to leave one in awe.
2. To literally take a dump in one's skull.

1. Frank Stallone just skull dumped the competition on Jeopardy.

2. Did you see that? Buddy Lembeck just gave him a skull dump!

by The Mighty January 11, 2008
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