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The term "skizzle" is an African American slang term derived from "scalp", "scan", "scale", and "scrape" (see below), among others.

1. a command given by an officer or brazen cadet to an African American private to scalp the enemy

2. a command given to an African American employee of the paper coropration "Kinko's" to xerox a document

3. a command given to an inwardly African American AP U. S. History professor to impose a curve on a set of exams

4. (archaic) a suggestion given by an experienced African American dentist to a novice fellow African American surgeon (or nurse) to use a scalpel to clean the teeth of another African American brother
1. "Sir, shall I exercise mercy on this here foe?"
"Negative--skizzle, my nizzle."

2. "How shall I reproduce this here document?"
"Skizzle, my nizzle."

3. "How shall I respond to this here slew of F's in my grade book?"
"Skizzle, my nizzle."

4. "How shall I remove the plaque from this here set of molars?"
"Skizzle, my nizzle."
by namayri'w abudullah ënhek February 02, 2010
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