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an east coast prep star that packs fat lips, rips rats downs 5 hour energies, and lies at all cost to get his dick wet.

Skittle sweepers are known to make the best itunes playlists, claim to know most bartenders, crush natty light like water and were probably recruited in high school to play college lax.

Skittle sweepers can be found bro-ing out at dave mathews concerts, watching st. elmos fire on hulu, and taking theme parties to the next level.
" Yo why don't you grab a broom, you're droppin skittles everywhere."

"dude you look like a total skittle sweeper in those cole haans.."

Friend 1: Who's that kid over there sneaking into our frat party and stealing all of our natty light?

Friend 2: I dunno, he looked like the biggest skittle sweeper ever
by UNC laxbro88 April 10, 2011
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Ahh, the notorious skittle sweeper.

Entire novels have been dedicated to recording the trials and troubles of one of these persons. The following is a short excerpt from one of these such literary works:

"......croc-wearing chaunce that squats when he pees and involves himself in other random acts of doucheyness. Skittle sweepers are active fellows and take on a number of hobbies and extracurricular activities including, but not limited to

1. Drinking franzia out of wine glasses

2. Repping fantasy sports teams in public

3. Talking shit to 9 year old kids playing call of duty on xbox live

4. And of course, watching St. Elmos fire on hulu."
Doug- "that dude with the bow tie must have holes in his pockets because he is dropping multi-colored candies everywhere."

Brad- "Yea, what's up with that? Someone needs to get him a broom so he can sweep that shit up.... BRO, IS HE HE WATCHING ST ELMOS FIRE ON HIS IPHONE?!!

Doug- "No way, a real live skittle sweeper!!! let's get out of here. I think im getting skittelitis just breathing the same air as him...
by gdp247365 January 02, 2012
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