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a term used to describe the act of violently ripping someone's flesh or skin clear off of their body. as seen in the horror film, Silent Hill, when pyramid head rips the girl's skin off.
Person 1: "Ewww! That's disturbing!"

Person 2: "I know right! Don't you just love it when Pyramid Head skin rapes Beckett Williams?"

Person 3: "Yea, and then he throws it at the church, and the church is like, 'YUMM-AY!!!'."

by Beckett Williams February 24, 2008
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The act of giving/receiving unwanted skin-ship.

*Skin-ship is a word that is used frequently in Korea to talk about the touching of skin to skin between members of the opposite sex. However, skin-rape could be used to describe any unwanted contact of the skin by any gender.
I was skin-raped by my coach when he patted my back.

Stop skin-raping me!

I'm going to skin-rape everyone I can get my hands on.

The doctor totally skin-raped me!!

My buddy skin-rapes me everyday.

For the fear of traumatic repercussions from skin-rape, public schools across the USA have adopted a zero tolerance rule to physical contact of any kind.

Everyone gets skin-raped in the clubs.

Have you skin-raped anyone lately?

Did you enjoy getting skin-raped by that guy/girl?

Don't let yourself get skin-raped all the time.

I'm gonna skin-rape you all night long.

A: How far did you go?
B: I skin-raped her.
by thedarklordwoody May 21, 2010
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