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A cross between skell and scumbag. It refers to someone who possesses the qualities of both words. In short, it is someone who is a lowlife (skell) and also has no regards for others by being dishonest, a rat, and a terrible friend (scumbag). The word is believed to have originated from Brooklyn, New York but the person who started the term is still unknown. It is pronounced just as it appears.
(example 1)
Khalil: Did you hear about Dave stealing money from Charlie?
Yun: No I didn't, that's rediculous though. He's such a skellbag.

(example 2)
Yun: Residential Life put us in a suite with a pair of white dudes.
Khalil: Wow, I can't believe they did that. They're such skellbags for doing that.
by Brooklyn's BKS May 01, 2007
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A combination of skell & scumbag. One who possesses the qualities of both. This person is generally a low life who also doesn't hesitate to back stab his friends.
Bezzy: Can you believe he fucked Tim's ex-girlfriend right after they broke up and then stole $20 from her purse for crack money?
Carts: That's ridiculous. I thought they were boys and all of a sudden he does that. What a skellbag.
by Nicky Carts October 26, 2008
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