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1) Large, anorexic, prehistoric-looking birds which try to prevent the Gelflings from replacing the crystal shard in the "Dark Crystal." Written and directed by Jim Henson in 1982.

2) a friend/foe which you currently do not like very much.

3) when combined with "-smurfer," one creates a euphemism for "mother-fucker."
1) " 'You know what I think? Skekses scatter them all over place so right one don't get found.' "--From "Dark Crystal"

2) Austin is being such a skekses bitch!

3) God!!! What a skekses-smurfer!
by D. Shuman January 09, 2008
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-they're not actually anorexic. they had an epic feast, they're just skinny. they are self conscious about their weight, and they would appreciate not being made fun of you racist scum. this needs to stop, i dont like all the put downs. its making me sick to my stomach.
"TRIAL BY STONE!!" said the skekses
by hte dark knoght August 25, 2009
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