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A whore that is so slutty and used up, she has past the term skeezer long ago. This woman gets pumped by practically every guy she comes in contact with. She really enjoys getting hit with a shot skeet in her face, then the guy will yell "SKEET SKEET MUTHAFUCKA." Often times, she is infected with so many STD's they can jump from her onto innocent bystanders without any sexual contact. The more "blahs" you put on the end of skeezer, the sluttier the girl actually is. For example, "skeezer blah blah"=slut, "skeezer blah blah blah blah blah"=stripper status slut. Skeezer blah blah's make up about 19% of all high school females.
Man that skeezer blah blah can't get enough dick. Look! Now she's hittin' on Father Muerfeld...and Sister Helena! What a skeezer blah blah blah blah!
by Platinum Pimp January 20, 2006
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