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Derived from the root word "Skeet", in combination with the word "Hitler." Used to describe the appearance of a mustachethat is much the same as Hitler's, but in the form of the Sexual Act commonly known as the "Dirty Sanchez."
Even though there is no direct relation of Hitler to the Nation of Mexico, the mustache is widely regarded as "ideal" for performing the act of the "Skeetler."
Performed much the same way as the "Dirty Sanchez", the Skeetler combines the act of drawing a "shitstache" on her upper lip with blowing your load all over her face.

I gave Amanda a Skeetler last night, because she is a Dirty Skank Ass Ho Bag with no intelligence, titties, skills, or verifiable income (except for prostitution).
by Jimmybobo October 03, 2007
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