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A word made by Elisha Haith that is another word for homie used at Olympian High School.
by bitchwhyuplayingwithmyfeelins September 10, 2019
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to scrape or rub a small piece of skin from (one's hand, leg, etc.), as in falling or sliding against something
I skeent my knee
I will skeent you up.
by ld red February 22, 2010
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We all know the word skeet and it’s intonations. However, Skeent has its own meaning though it’s English origins losely tie to Skeet. A Skeent is a endearment used on a person.
“Hey Skeent, want to go to the movies?” “I can’t go out I’m with Skeent” “I’m gonna skeet all over you skeent
by cholsdi January 23, 2018
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