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a squeel, shout, or other awkard sound emitted from the mouth in the form of a pattern and or unrecognizable melody.
sometimes used when one is excited; often used in an inappropriate setting where any sound, especially skeedle-bopping, is highly disrespectful.
skeedle-bopping is used most often in order to open the door to many awkward sounds; including- but not limited to- obscure lines from disney sound-track songs, will ferrell quotes, terrible rap songs, and teacher's names. these bursts of uncalled for sounds and phrases always, without a doubt, proceed the initial skeedle-bop

(garage-band recording is needed for the full effect of a successful skeedle-bop session.)

in short, it is something along the lines of scatting, but not quite as fancy or taken even remotely half as serious.
jessi- "dude, deedle skeebop bop deedle deed"
ashley - "dude yeah! garage band that shit!"
mr. butte- "sunuvabitch this is a classroom. please be silent."
jessi- "you's got a sassy BOWDAY"
ashley- "you ain't neva had a frand like me BOW WOW OW"
jessi- "fast car, on the highway, on the free way, mr. robo-cop"
ashley- "billie-jean is not mah-"
jessi- "dA k0oPsZ!"
ashley- "dude! yo yo yo asholtee mah frand, we go togetha like peanut buttah and jam"
mr. butte- "shut up."
ashley- "i'm a little dove gonna cut mah little dove wrists. WHEN DOVES CRY. prince yo mah boyfrand"
jessi- "yo da boss, the king, fa sho"
ashley- "i wanna touch yo boWdaY"
jessi- "mm damn gurl diva senora cross mmm dammnn carbohydrates sumbitch GODDAMNIT DADDY"
ashley- "nice meat-load reference dude.
jessi- "shyea. we need to garage band that shit."
jessi- "i really miss mah home-ays"
mr. butte- "jesus christ, skeedle-bopping should be outlawed!"
jessi + ashley- "MMM DAMN LOOK AD DAT BEAUT!...LeDewDisz!"
by jessi bittel October 08, 2006
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