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1. to lie about seemingly mundane things such as age and place of residence
2. making plans and ditching someone at the last moment so you can farm your 467th mount on World of Warcraft and work towards 30k achievement points
Random Text Message as you're about to head out to meet with your boy Alex to watch Dale Jr's last race: Hey man sorry I gotta Skatejawn you like this but I've been having the Modzys all evening. Let's meet up some other time :ezx

Alex: 21 btw haHAA
Carl: Hey Alex, if you're 21 why does your btag end in 92?

Alex: Oh uhh, the 92 is random btw! haHAA :ezx
Carl: Dang boys we getting skatejawned so hard rn.

Shahz: Hey Alex, since I respect you as a person, I took 30 seconds of my time to find your Facebook page to add you as a friend. Nice to see you're still in Bethlehem PA.
Alex: Nah that's not me even though it looks like me. I'm from Nazareth PA btw haHAA
Carter: Hey Alex why do you have all these Bethlehem vids in your liked videos list if you're from Nazareth
Alex: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Carter: Are you sure you're not from Tel Aviv PA (I'm gay btw)
Alex: Carter and oobers and jenderyn making of a porno :ezx
by Sea88 October 17, 2017
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