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a combination of slut and skank. used to describe the girls (or guys) who wear less clothes than the girls on GIRLS GONE WILD.
person 1: OMG!! look at brittany's outfit! what a skanklut!!
person 2: i was watching GIRLS GONE WILD last night and they look conservative compared to her!
by yo! it's lo! March 17, 2006
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1. To be such a hoe, that you're both a skank and a slut.

2. To be worthless because you're such a slut and/or a skank.

3. Worthless girl.

4. Tramp
Yo dude you know that girl, Heena, she's been with so many guys, she's a fucking skanklut! skank slut hoe ho
by IamToTheIllest March 24, 2010
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